Information, inspiration and support to design a 2 - 24 month stay in France with your family while continuing to work. 

Travel Deeply.

When we decided to relocate to France with our 11 year old daughter for a year, we started to look for information on what school and village life was like, how to adjust to the culture, get the most out of our time, and logistics like how to rent a car for several months that didn't break the bank!

Most information we found catered to childless, wandering digital nomads or young families who world-schooled. That wasn't us. Where was the information for families in our situation?

We had a school-aged child and a cat. We wanted to travel but also have a home base where we could have some routines, connect with a local community, immerse ourselves in the culture, learn the language, and legally run a business in France.

With our first year under our belts, we created Baguette Bound  to pass on what we've learned. We hope to make it easier, feel possible, and inspire other families who are interested experiencing a long stay in France with their family.

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(please ignore the guy in the unicorn suit, that's Raina's brother.😂)

  • Logistical Lifesavers: We take the guesswork out of your planning by sharing practical guides on navigating France's bureaucracy, healthcare, transportation, and schooling system.
  • Cultural Cues: Dip your toes into the rich French culture. Learn the local customs, language, and savor the French art of living with our real-life experiences and tips.
  • Travel Treasures: Embrace slow travel with our curated itineraries that go beyond the beaten path, right into the heart of the countryside, and immerse you in French rural life. We also highlight villages we've discovered that have great amenities for families.


what You'll Find Here

Loved language since she was tiny and has 9 different Dulingo accounts. Has read every Keeper of the Lost Cities books multiple times and recently discovered Percy Jackson. Obsessed with Greek mythology and baking fancy cakes. Loves ice skating, theater, swimming, and French pastry . 


Grew up with no formal education, but graduated from college with honors. Left a cult at 18. Aspires to do yoga more. Loves SUP boarding, books and hosting dinner parties. Favorite Movie: Before Sunrise. If she got a tattoo it would be of P!nk lyrics. Wants to own a VW van and a Vespa at some point in her life.


Life long Houston Astros fan, bakes incredible pies, loves the mountains, cat dad to Grits, fan of Star Wars and 90's rap, appreciates French cheese. Was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I at 4 years old, now wants to figure out how to import sugar-free ice cream to France.


Fun Facts...

 -Jason, Raina and Juliana

We hope to be like your friends who have gone before. 😉 

We've launched this site and our YouTube channel to share our experiences, the hidden gems of France, what we've learned, and even aspects of the French lifestyle you can enjoy without leaving home.

We hope to inspire other families to see it's possible to have an incredible long stay trip abroad independently. If you'd like to book an hour with us to ask anything, you can do that HERE. 

Thank you for being here. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

This is doable!

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